Danish Marine Mammal Society

Danish Marine Mammal Society


The Danish Marine Mammal Society offers a network for those who studies or work with marine mammal research, management or related fields.

Our main purpose is to organize the annual Danish Marine Mammal Symposium, where recent research results can be shared among Danish researchers, managers, students or other with a particular interest in the subject.

Denmark hosts several internationally acknowledged research groups within marine mammal research, meaning that an additional aim of the annual symposium is to provide a venue for networking. All activities and scientific talks are in English to ensure optimal conditions for visiting researchers or students to participate.

During the year the main platform for sharing of news in marine mammal research is the Society’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DanskHavpattedyrsforening/

If you are new to marine mammal research in Denmark – there is no better way to meet future collaborators or supervisors than to attend the annual Danish Marine Mammal Symposium

*Pictures on the site is kindly shared by Maria Iversen